Election results 2016: Greening Elected

Thank you to everyone who gave me their vote of confidence, their time, and support during this election.

In the Tasman electorate there are 36,763 potential voters. However, just under 50% (17,624) actually voted. Again, under a FPP system we have a minority mayor.

Interestingly, Kempthorne’s vote lifted by 600 votes (in 2013 it was 6,149), as did Maling’s vote (in 2013 it was 5,415, a lift of 300). In contrast to the modest lift in voting for Kempthorne and Maling, Clarke’s vote jumped dramatically, lifting by 3,300 (in 2013 it was 1,771). In 2013, the other candidates accounted for 2,959 votes. It would appear these mainly migrated to Clarke.

Preliminary election results

The 2016 election results (successful candidates bolded) were:

Mayoral candidate (one) [Total eligible voters = 36,763]

Candidate Number of Votes
Maxwell Clark 5,101
Richard Kempthorne 6,787
Kit Maling 5,736
Total 17,624


Richmond Ward Councillor (4 members) [Total eligible voters = 11,935]

Candidate Number of Votes
Murray Dawson 1,747
Dennis Gibbs 1,152
Mark Greening 2,632
Michael Higgins 2,482
Wayne Mackey 2,108
Kit Maling 3,080
Trevor Tuffnell 3,392
Dana Wensley 3,420
Total votes 6,031


Moutere/Waimea Ward Councillor (3 members) [Total eligible voters = 8,656]

Candidate Number of Votes
Andrew Gould 1,441
Tim King 2,667
Dean McNamara 1,986
Richard Osmaston 704
Graeme Stradling 1,835
Anne Turley 2,439
Gary Watson 1,023
Total votes 4,759


Motueka Ward Councillor (3 members) [Total eligible voters = 9,694]

Candidate Number of Votes
Peter Canton 2,290
Barry Dowler 2,036
Paul Hawkes 2,074
Martin Lucas 1,427
David Ogilvie 2,395
Total votes 3,986


Golden Bay Ward Councillor (2 members) [Total eligible voters = 3,869]

Candidate Number of Votes
Sue Brown 1,075
Richard Cox 225
Brian Ensor 730
Bryony Pearson 662
Paul Sangster 1,063
Reg Turner 313
Total votes 2,225


Lakes Murchison [Total eligible voters 2,609]

Candidate Number of Votes
Stuart Bryant elected unopposed
Total votes 1146


For me, the election is now over. The time for rolling up sleeves now begins.


I can disclose that my election expenses were $30, which I had to pay Grey Power, to participate in the “Meet the Candidates” evening held at Club Waimea on 14 September 2016.

Councillor business cards are normally provided by TDC after being elected. However, I prefer not to use TDC branded business cards, or incur ratepayers the expense of providing me business cards. Thus, during my 3 years on council, I have preferred to purchase my own “councillor” business cards. You may have seen some of these cards during my election campaign. I hope to update these cards (with my new election photo) for my second term on council.


The Inaugural Full Council meeting will be held on 20 October 2016 at 11.00 am at the Richmond Council Chambers. The first Full Council meeting will be held on 27 October 2016 at 9.30 am to 4.00 pm at the Richmond Council Chambers. A series of workshops are normally held in the intervening period.

Farewell speech from Cr Higgins

With Michael’s permission, I have reproduced his farewell to councillors and candidates. Michael had hoped to make some closing remarks on the last day of council, but since that opportunity was not provided to him (by the mayor), I thought I would.

I wish to congratulate the successful candidates for the Richmond Ward, Trevor Tufnell, Kit Maling, Dana Wensley and Mark Greening, and wish them well in this term of Council.

Also, congratulations to Mayor Kempthorne for a forth consecutive term … a rare achievement.

I wish to thank the electors of Richmond for the opportunity to represent them on the TDC for six years. While my votes in this election have risen, it was not enough for success. It was a formidable lineup of candidates, any four of whom would serve Richmond well.

I was first elected to local Govt in 1980, and have contested all 13 elections from that time, winning most of them, and serving in local Govt consistently for 36 years. They have all been challenging years, in a period of massive change. Beginning with the Tasman Electric Power Board … becoming Tasman Energy, from 1980-97.

I was elected to represent the Waimea Moutere Ward on the TDC in 1992, serving six years before losing a mayoralty contest by a small margin. I served 1998-2001 as chair of the Wakefield community Council, and was re-elected to the TDC 2001-2007. That year, in order to refresh myself with a change, and to enable a change in Waimea Moutere, I stood for Richmond and topped the poll … a tide of change. The term 2007-10 saw a massive workload that led me to let the election go and in the years 2010-13, I served as a TDC member on the NRSBU and Nelson Airport Ltd Board. After encouragement late in the piece, I was re-elected to Richmond 2013-16. I had intended to retire gracefully but with nearly half the Council retiring, chose to stand and provide continuity for Richmond. However, retiring it is.

I wish to thank Jan and my family for their support and tolerance in all of these years. I also wish to thank my staff and customers who have accommodated my commitments. Growing a business as well as serving on Council is a big ask, but it kept me aware of reality. My principles of allowing costs to lie where they fall, to encourage competitive pricing & to keep Council out of private enterprise did not change. I have nevertheless supported community ownership of key infrastructural assets, and placing them in Company structures.

I appreciate the good working relationship with staff, often working through challenging issues. Involvement in governance has enabled me to grow beyond my expectations, to enjoy challenge to the limit of my ability, and to make a difference in the Tasman district.

Thank you.
Michael Higgins.
(9 October 2016)




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