A fresh new year

Another year and another local body election is nearly upon us.

For me, the first part of this year has been a rather busy one, with not only council meetings and workshops, but also with writing (and co-writing) a number of tax books. However, I soon hope to catch up on writing about a number of issues that have come across the council table, including: the Dam, Shed4 in Mapua, Freedom camping, the new Airport terminal, and interest rate hedging (often referred to as “SWAPS”). So apologies if there are a number of posts that begin rapidly appearing on this page.

My new books

But before I do, I thought I would take the opportunity to promote my new book – Tax Administration Law Made Easy, together with two other books in the series that I have also been involved with – namely, Goods and Services Law Made Easy and Income Tax Law Made Easy.

All books can be purchased online from LexisNexis in hardcopy or eBook format.

Sign-up and Save Salisbury School

Finally, can I ask that you support the campaign to “Save Salisbury School”. All it requires is for you to sign-up to the petition and show your support.

The petition can be found at https://www.change.org/p/david-wales-education-govt-nz-keep-salisbury-school-open-to-give-girls-with-the-most-needs-the-choice-they-deserve.

See also Waimea Weekly http://nelsonlive.co.nz/news/2016/08/save-salisbury-school/




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