Extra Full council meeting (17 December)

An extraordinary full council meeting was held on 17 December 2015. The last meeting of the year. Apologies were received from Cr King and Cr Bouillir, with Cr Mirfin and Cr Sangster arriving late.

The meeting was called to discuss one item: engagement and consultation on the 2016-17 Annual Plan. A late confidential item reviewing the council’s banking facilities was also discussed.

Annual Plan 2016-17

Council resolved not to release an Annual Plan consultation document for 2016-17, but instead prepare a communication process for public engagement. This was because council agreed that there were no material changes from the fiscal plan for 2016-17 as contained in Long Term Plan (LTP).

Effectively, the cost of consultation (roughly $100,000) was not justified, given the small overall net change in fiscal outlook. Basically, council were holding the line on plans contained in the LTP. A first for this council for sometime!

Key changes from the LTP for the 2016-17 period are:

  • capital expenditure: proposed to be $32.55 million in 2016-17, compared to the LTP forecast of $32.524 (a $250,000 increase),
  • debt: proposed net debt is proposed to be $166 million, compared to the LTP forecast of $178 million (a $12 million reduction),
  • operating expenditure: proposed to be $105.9 million, compared to the LTP forecast of $106.3m (a $400,000 reduction),
  • rates: proposed to be a 1% increase, compared to LTP forecast of 2.96% (a reduced increase),

Service levels remain unchanged from those forecast in the LTP. Although, I hope that in the next LTP council will take a harder look at some services (for example, publications, communications, education services). These are ll nice to have services for an affluent council. But in the short term, need to be shelved, until such time as we can afford them.

To ensure ratepayers were kept informed of 2016-17 activities, council released a brief document outlining key activities (see http://www.tasman.govt.nz/policy/plans/annual-plans/annual-plan-2016-2017/).

Agenda and minutes

The agenda and minutes are located at http://www.tasman.govt.nz/council/council-meetings/standing-committees-meetings/full-council-meetings/?path=/EDMS/Public/Meetings/FullCouncil/2015/2015-12-17.






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