While I was away …



The beautiful headland known as Beachy Head, Sussex, UK (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beachy_Head)


As some of you will be aware, I have been overseas in June attending my brother’s wedding and visiting family. The wedding was held in Bromley, and was a lovely affair.

I also got the opportunity to visit the wider family while I was there. And got the opportunity to enjoy the english country side in southern England as well.

Some might spot this location from a recent movie. Its Beachy Head (not Dover) and a place that my grandfather use to enjoy for family picnics, and where his ashes are now scattered.



While I was away, the following council meetings were held:

  • Environment and planning committee meeting (4 June 2015). The agenda included: (1) request for exemption from fencing of swimming pool, (2) coastal occupation charges report, (3) national policy statement (electricity transmission) report, and (4) manager’s report.
  • Full council meeting (18 June 2015). The Agenda included receiving a number of information reports including: (1) wastewater bylaw 2015 report, (2) Broadband and Mobile Black Spot funding report, and (3) confidential report on the sale of portable seating.
  • Full council (25 June 2015). The agenda had one item – the formal adoption of the long term plan.
  • Community development committee meeting (25 June 2015). The agenda included: (1) request to use Higgs Reserve, (2) reserves and facilities report, (3) community relations work plan, (4) customer services report, and (5) manager’s report.
  • Engineering services committee meeting (2 July 2015). The agenda considered one item – a report on small-bore pressure wastewater systems.

Essentially, full council met to confirm an unchanged annual plan (pretty much determined before I had left), and the various committees met to receive the regular monthly information updates. Having read all the reports on my return I was left with the impression that meeting agenda’s and their contents were rather thin. No doubt a reflection of staff exhaustion (and resource stretch) from the long term plan process.






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