This month

My meetings for March include …

March 2015

3 March. Joint Nelson and Tasman councils meeting (1pm at NCC chambers).

5 March. Full council meeting (9:30am).

12 March. Environment and planning committee meeting (9:30am).

19 March. Corporate services committee meeting (9:30am).

19 March. Audit subcommittee meeting (1:30pm).

19 March. Public meeting on the 10 year Long Term Plan (4:30pm).

20 March. State highway liaison meeting (10am).

26 March. Community development committee meeting (9:30am).

Comment: February was not to busy, with only one workshop (a record!). I’m told 2014 had nearly double the amount of workshops of earlier years. Although commuting back to Wellington meant I could not make the Engineering committee meeting (on 26 February).  However, any decisions from that committee will be put before full council on 5 March, which I will be attending. The Nelson community law centre is hoping to establish a monthly clinic in Richmond. I certainly support this initiative, and will keep you posted.

And do check out wants happening in our region at


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