This month

First, happy new year to all my readers. It was certainly a busy year in 2014, starting with the annual plan and finishing with the dam, as well as ongoing preparation work for the long term plan (now called the “consultative document”).

After some consideration I’ve decided to continue with this feature of my blog. I was never to sure if it added much value, given the council do a good job of promoting these meetings to the public. However, given this is “my” open diary, I thought I would also highlight other meetings (and workshops) I have been invited to. While these meetings are not recorded by council staff or measured, I think its important that the community know what else councilors get up to.

January 2015

27 January. Council Workshop (9am to 4:30pm). Discussing Long term plan (LTP).

28 January. Council Workshop (9am to 4:30pm). Discussing Long term plan (LTP).

29 January. Environment and planning committee meeting (9am to 3pm).

30 January. Met with some richmond south residents and discussed storm water concerns.

Comment: I have to say, this months workshops were frustrating. I had been led to believe the workshops were provided to see how things landed in the financials, and that we would be able to make any changes (hence why it was a workshop). But staff advised that they were unable to cope with any changes. Thus it became more a briefing session, than a workshop. Other highlights of the month have included monitoring staff correspondence with richmond residents over possible soil contamination issues, and facilitating better outcomes between residents and developers over road nuisance issues.

Coming up in February …

February 2015

12 February. Community development committee meeting (9:30am). Corporate services committee meeting (1pm).

13 February. Bridge and Croquet Clubs management committee meeting.

17 February. Whanua group. Local organisations network meeting to share whats happening.

19 February. Full council meeting (9:30am).

26 February. Engineering committee meeting (9:30am)


  1. Peter Foster

    You should be aware that workshops can do nothing except exchange views off the record.There is no compliance with the Meetings Act – no agenda, no minutes, no public.

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