The Dam – public consultation begins

Please make sure you have your say on the proposed Waimea Community Dam (formerly known as the “Lee Valley Dam”).

Some time ago (after the 2001 drought), the Waimea Water Augmentation Committee (WWAC) was formed, with a brief from the council ” To find a solution to acute water shortage on the Waimea Plains”.

After more than a decade of research and investigation, WWAC has proposed to council a solution – the construction of a Dam.

This is a supply side solution (ie store more water), not a demand side solution (eg reduce demand for water through pricing and more efficient allocation).

The WWAC proposal involves, not only the cost of construction, but also ownership and governance considerations. The funding and governance proposals are the ones being considered first. Once these have been decided, the decisions on whether a Dam is built or not will be decided after consultation on the Long Term Plan in 2015.

Make sure you speak up. If you do not, then you will be approving the preferred governance and funding options, as voted for by the majority (not all) of council.

All information (ie history and research reports) on the Dam proposal, including public consultation documents on funding and governance, can be found at Alternatively, the consultation documents can be found at

See also, frequently asked questions (at and WWAC’s June 2013 presentation to the Chamber of Commerce at and and


New NZIER economic analysis on the dam proposal was released (on 24 October 2014). See  New NZIER analysis on the public-private benefits of the dam was released (on 24 October 2014). See

Other information

Waitaki District Council, Post-Dam Social and Economic Benefits Study. See

The Government announces “Investment in regional water infrastructure will continue, to help these projects get underway. New water storage and irrigation projects can make land more productive and boost exports, while at the same time providing positive environmental outcomes”. But will this be via loans or grants? See

Press releases

“The Lee Valley dam must be affordable,” says Martin O’Connor, Federated Farmers Nelson provincial president (24 October 2014). See


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