Questions from the Nelson Mail

Enclosed below are three questions asked by the Nelson Mail and my answers (which were limited to 30 words).

Which mayoral candidate do you support, and why?

As a new candidate, I will work constructively with whomever the community elect as mayor.  That said, I am about influencing “change” in council decision making for better community outcomes.

Is the council’s debt to high? If so, what should be done?

Some debt is required given the area TDC services.  But have we reached that manageable level? An answer in 30 words does not give it justice.  It’s a big issue.

Should the Lee Valley Dam go ahead, and if so, who should pay for it?

As I said at the Lee Valley Dam meeting, and repeated by others, the elephant in the room is funding.  That said, those who benefit should contribute to its cost.


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