Supporting “smart” urban development – free WiFi

I support free WiFi. Especially when its free for both users and ratepayers. So its great to see it being rolled out in the Richmond CBD. Well done Network Tasman for supporting a great initiative!

What about a broader roll-out of free Wifi, outside of the Richmond CBD? Well, provided it does not cost ratepayers anything, then I would support a broader roll-out of free WiFi. Theoretically, this could be done through selling  advertising space on the free WiFi home page (something clear communications did years ago when it provided free dial-up internet with “z-free”).

I also support Tasman making itself the place to be for information technology and communication (ITC ) companies.

Did you know that the UK internet industry is bigger than the UK finance sector. Its estimated to be worth over 100 billion pounds. Wellington city is positioning itself to get a slice of the action in New Zealand. But why can’t Tasman also get a slice of the action as well? We have an amazing lifestyle to offer employers and employees. So lets leverage it!

When will our council realise they need to be fostering a similar industry in Tasman?

Lets make it happen!




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