Standing up for you

Mark Greening LLM, BA

Mark Greening LLM, BA

Hello and welcome.

My name is Mark Greening and I am standing for the Richmond Ward on the Tasman District Council.

Please give me you vote, so I can speak up for you, and our community, on Council.

I stand for:

(1) sensible spending decisions, so our rates are not wasted,

(2) fixing the big problems first, like storm water and those traffic lights!

(3) improving our water supply, not charging more for it,

(4) good town planning for all our community, not just property developers,

(5) investing in our libraries and recreational facilities for our youth, and those not so young,

(6) supporting WiFi and getting new ITC businesses established here, and

(7) a council that listens to your concerns, and does something about it.

Let me speak up for you.

Kind regards


PS: If you would like to know more about me click the “About” button above.

Authorised by Mark Greening at 52 Chelsea Avenue, Richmond, Nelson.


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